Chief Technology Officer
and Vice-President
PhaseTech Spectroscopy, Inc.
Madison, WI

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PhaseTech Spectroscopy develops and provides femtosecond mid-IR pulse shapers, 2D IR spectrometers and other instruments for cutting-edge ultrafast laser experiments. I founded the company with Martin Zanni in 2012.

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previous research
Assistant Scientist with Prof. Martin T. Zanni
Department of Chemistry, University of Wisconsin - Madison

Most recent research included the study of the misfolding and aggregation of human islet amyloid polypeptide (amylin), processes thought to lead to type 2 diabetes, using isotope labeling and two-dimensional infrared spectroscopy.

Read more about one of my papers in this article from Chemical & Engineering News.

Listen to me talk about our research on Wisconsin Life, Wisconsin Public Radio

Check out this video about our research, produced by the University of Wisconsin-Madison:

recent publications
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Fully absorptive 3D IR spectroscopy using a dual mid-infrared pulse shaper
Sudipta S. Mukherjee, David R. Skoff, Chris T. Middleton and Martin T. Zanni
Journal of Chemical Physics
Simplified and economical 2D IR spectrometer design using a dual acousto-optic modulator
David R. Skoff, Jennifer E. Laaser, Sudipta S. Mukherjee, Chris T. Middleton & Martin T. Zanni
Chemical Physics
Two-dimensional infrared spectroscopy reveals the complex behaviour of an amyloid fibril inhibitor
Chris T. Middleton, Peter Marek, Ping Cao, Chi-cheng Chiu, Sadanand Singh, Ann Marie Woys, Juan J. de Pablo, Daniel P. Raleigh & Martin T. Zanni
Nature Chemistry
Base-Stacking Disorder and Excited-State Dynamics in Single-Stranded Adenine Homo-oligonucleotides
Charlene Su, Chris T. Middleton, & Bern Kohler
Journal of Physical Chemistry B
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past research

Research with Prof. Bern Kohler, at Ohio State University (now at Montana State University), involved the time-resolved study of the photophysics of DNA bases and polymers; ground-state vibrational cooling and excited-state dynamics using femtosecond transient absorption in the UV, visible and mid-IR.

Research with Prof. Bruce S. Hudson, at Syracuse University, involved the study of the vibrational properties of organic moleucles through inelastic neutron scattering spectroscopy and computational methods.

Research with Prof. Shaul Mukamel, at the University of Rochester (now at the University of California, Irvine), involved theoretical study of excitonic coupling in light harvesting complexes using the Collective Electronic Oscillators approach.


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